An Uncommon Approach: Values Based Financial Planning

By Taylor King
April 2018



We are fortunate to live in a time of incredible technological innovation. With the rise of Apple Pay and the not too distant promise of self-driving cars, it feels as if our lives are ever more convenient. In the financial planning industry, a number of robust tools have made it easier than ever to run hundreds of investment scenarios and determine the potential success or failure of a retirement income plan. It can be tempting to plug in the numbers and leave it at that, but this approach runs the risk of missing the most important element of any financial plan: the human element. 


The dollars and cents of a plan are only significant to the extent that they allow us to serve our values and fulfill our dreams. Boilerplate templates whitewash our unique goals. At a minimum, the numbers must work. But for many of our clients, once the numbers have been confirmed, their questions shift from, “Are we going to be okay?” to “What dreams do we have for ourselves, our family, or our community?” 


From a planning perspective, laying the groundwork to leave a significant a legacy to a child or beloved charity is dramatically different from planning to maximize retirement lifestyle.


Our philosophy has always been to listen well, and to do so often. Using this uncommon approach, we feel privileged to help our clients better align their financial lives with their unique values.