The Benefits of a Deep Bench

By Matthew Somberg
April 2018


While I’m not a fan of either the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles, this year’s Super Bowl was still a terrific game to watch. As an independent observer, what was remarkable to me was not only the Eagles’ ability to emerge victorious over a highly-favored team, it was the fact that they won all of their playoff games plus the Super Bowl, without their starting quarterback. The takeaway here is that a deep bench is critical to team success.

At our firm, depth is important to create a winning team for our clients, too.  We don’t want our clients to be dependent upon one person. With a firm of fifteen employees, each with varied backgrounds and roles, our clients have a deep bench of people, expertise, and experience to mitigate the financial challenges they face at each stage of their lives.

Our fifteen employees have over 250 years of financial and client service experience.  Our certifications and designations include:

  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®)


  • Certified Long Term Care Consultant® (CLTC®)

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Chartered Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®)

  • Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®)

It is common for a new client of our firm to mention that their previous advisor was a one-person shop. We believe a well run business cannot expect one person to be an expert at everything. As our firm grows we will continue to hire team members with diverse backgrounds and diverse expertise.